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This page is dedicated to suggest usefull links in relation to the PC project and other ICT questions.

I suggest the following format


- PersonalHomePages

The topics could be organised by alphabetic order and we use the link DerniersChangements to check for new information on this page

ADULLACT - Mutualisation de logiciels libres pour institutionnels

IT in general

- Free/Open Source Software Localization Primer Published the guide here
- Open Source Observatory
- GiS
- GriD
- InformationSystem
- LinuX
- LifeProject
- OperatingSysteM
- NetWork
- SecuritY
- Semantic designs Automated Analysis, Enhancement, Migration and Generation of Software
- Open Source CMS
- Modelling data and applications
- Une série impressionnante de cours
- The Ndiyo Project A solution to save power and money ; look the complete presentation

- See the page of link in IT (subjective choices) :

IT in Education

- The use of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) from schools to universities

IT in Health

- LifeStat (just a idea yet, not really started, even if the will is there ;-( )
- Brixton Health Home : Download free public health and epidemiology software (most for windows environment), documentation, manuals and a list of useful links.
- A Manual to use R-project for epidemiology including files for the exercices : A practical introduction to using the R environment for data analysis and graphics to work with epidemiological data. Topics covered include univariate statistics, simple statistical inference, charting data, two-by-two tables, stratified analysis, matched analysis, chi-square for trend, logistic regression, survival analysis, computer-intensive methods, and extending R using user-provided functions.
- Net Epi Free, open source, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practice
- Open Epi Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health : A nice tool to be used from the web, but also locally.
- Epidata ( EpiData is currently developed for windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. PowerMac with emulator, works on linux using wine.)
- An article published in Swiss Medical Informatics by Meystre S. & Mueller H. on open source in medicine and health
- South Africa considers Open Source Software for E-Health System
- Computerised case history in "garbage style" by Nikita Shklovsky-Kordi et al.

- [Canadian BioInformatik -> GearingUp ] : Finding and installing common tools for bioinformatics on your own machine, especially for those new to Linux, can be a daunting task...
- Debian-Med : Debian-Med est une « distribution Debian adaptée » aux exigences de la pratique médicale et de la recherche.
- Spirit Project : Spirit est votre source multilingue pour les meilleures pratiques en logiciel libres pour la santé.
- Open source health care resources : Looking for Software ?
- Analysis : Analysis document for medical software.
- [ GnuMed ->] : The GNUmed group supports Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and its application to medical uses.
- Res Medicinae : Information in Medicine.
- [ OpenMR ->] : Practice Management features for patient scheduling, patient demographics.
- [OSCAR McMaster ->] : Oscar Integrates clinical practice with clinical knowledge and delivers the tools you need right to the desktop.

- biobuntu : une réflexion en cours une affaire à suivre


- Salstat : Rapid statistical analysis of scientific data.
- R-project
- R-project un manuel en français pour débutant

Cybercafe not yet really tested tools

- Opendv
- kcyber
- cybercafe
- linuxkafe
- cyber-panda
- ccbs
- openself

- meridiankiosk
- gcafe
- cyborg
- ppa
- zeiderbude
- ajicafe

- iwall
- icafetime
- mycafe
- linuxcafe
- internetmanager
- icmanager

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