samedi 18 mars 2006

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The following tasks are assigned to the University of Jaén, under the supervision of Arturo Montejo Ráez.

  1. Teaching material for the technical course, which includes :
    1. Collection of existing documentation (CD) in French, with new added possible guides
    2. Teaching guide for the technical course, with step-by-step information
  2. The study and preparation of two software packages :
    1. Hierarchical repository system. A system allowing cache of APT repositories
    2. System Installer. A system for allowing easy deployment of Ubuntu installation over a local network


Name email ID
Arturo Montejo Ráez amontejo _AT_ AMR

 Important dates

Task Responsible Due date
1.1. Document CD AMR 01/08/2006
1.2. Teaching guide AMR 01/08/2006
2.1. Repository system AMR 01/08/2006
2.1. System installer AMR 01/08/2006

 Future plans

Additionaly to this, and in a following phase, the University of Jaén has shown its interest in signing an agreement with Mali government for supporting (coaching) the development by the government of Mali of software oriented to school management (students, teachers, courses, and potentially, teaching material).

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