vendredi 6 mai 2005

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The main objective of this project is to define a methodology of helping countries to move from policy to action and to tranfer competences, informations and knowledges in order to reduce digital divide. The Lesotho Project is the first step and first experience of the collaboration project define with UNCTAD.

Decision for Collaboration

1. Geneva will give support to the MCST to move from policy into action in term of coordination of concrete projects and collection of pertinent information. According to the Draft ICT Policy Paper this could be run by the ICT Department, but decision has to be made by the Minister of CST.

2. Geneva will offer 100 PCs. Decision has to be taken where and for which purpose they will be used. A workshop has to be set up in order to prepare the machines and to assure the follow-up. The disks of the PCs will charged with useful information collected over internet at the central level (This has to be done to pass through the problem of insufficient connections.). The OS and the applications should use open standards and open source. The project LIFE developed by ISF at CERN is a interesting solution.

3. Geneva will offer a specific training to a maximum of three persons to be able to achieve the first two objectives. These persons have to be in a senior position.

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