lundi 12 décembre 2005

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Life Stat

Still an idea, and may remain at this stage, as the team of Net Epi is working hard to have very soon a tool that could do everything that Epi Info DOS was able to do. Focus on one product is much better than disperse our forces. Together we will do much better.

Just an example taken from R Project


With Epi Info™ and a personal computer, epidemiologists and other public health and medical professionals can rapidly develop a questionnaire or form, customize the data entry process, and enter and analyze data. This product has been released in the mid 1980’s under DOS and adapted to the OS Window mid 1990’s (The full history of Epi Info).

As the situation is still moving on (A Society is dynamic) there is a need to adapt the tool to the actual situation. More and more persons all over the world are using computers. More and more persons are moving and promoting Open Source and Open Standards. The IT capacity in terms of computing and storage is increasing allowing for reasonable prices pretty good level of responses. GRID Technologies are for Health Care and Public Health a tool that will probably help to solve a lot of problems not only for purely technical reasons but also for organisational reasons (a page will be develop on this aspect : VirtualOrganisationInHealthCare ).

The wish and the will of the team promoting the idea to move from Epi Info to Life Stat is to develop a tool that cover at leat in the same needs but in a Open Source Open Standard and Multiple Environment (Linux, Mac, Windows).

The Manual to use R-project for epidemiology written by Mark Myatt is excellent but it shows perfectly well the necessity of developing a user friendly tool for all persons who needs to analyse data without being a computer specialist.


To give access to a friendly tools for statistical analysis epi, social and economical data and for monitoring of activities, services in different fields and acticivities for not ultra statistical specialists.

The most important element is to keep the initial philosophy of the first developpers of Epi Info which is to allow someone to start from the questionaire and to move to the reporting system with one tool.

Design of Life Stat

- 1. Definition of Forms for Data Entry, Data Table, Data Validation
- 2. Data Entry
- 3. Analysis (algorithms and tools)
- 4. Query and Reports
- 5. Graphic Representation of Results
- 6. Maps for Results Representation
- 7. Utilities (Conversion, Import, Export...)

- 1 and 2 should be based on tools like php and [ MySQL ->], [ PostGreSQL ->]...)-
- 3 to 6 should be based on R-Project and a GIS tool like Grass.
- 7 to be discussed.


- draft proposal (as soon as possible but the latest end of August 2005)
- final proposal in September 2005
- supporting bodies agreement in December 2005
- development team operational in January 2006
- version 1.0 of Life Stat in December 2006.

till yet nothing has really started ;-(

Sources of information and potential partners for LifeStat Project

- Epi Tools Tools to be used with R
- Net Epi Free, open source, network-enabled tools for epidemiology and public health practice
- Open Epi Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health : A nice tool to be used from the web, but also locally.
- Epidata (Epidata is currently developed for windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. PowerMac with emulator, works on linux using wine.)


list are open, no name is mentioned without formal consent of persons or institutions.

If you want to be involved, if you have ideas to promote this project, please contact Dominique Hausser

— Leading Team
- Dr Dominique Hausser, Observatoire Technologique, Canton de Genève
- Dr Anthony Burton, WHO / OMS, Geneva

— Supporting Team

— Advisory Board
- Dr Nils Buss, Observatoire Technologique, Canton de Genève

— Developing Team

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