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LIFE is developed by Software without borders (Informaticiens sans frontières). They are located at CERN The heart of LIFE will be Unbuntu or

Ubuntu in the world : see here .jpg]

see also the web site developped by French speaking people loving FLOSS and unbuntu :

Development Teams are described here ] or LifeDevTeam

A team of the Haute Ecole de Gestion (Geneva) leaded by Professor Enrico Vigano and composed by Yanik Ruchat, Jean-Jacques Buregeya, Pauline N’Dema and Samuel Carrupt is working on the documentation and the applications needed for the specific configurations listed below.

Some more details about LIFE project are available here ]

As the access of the website above is protected, find here a presentation of the masterisation of LIFE

As Ubuntu Breezy Badger 5.10 has been released in October 2005 and benefit of important improvement, this is the version that has been proposed in the PC Project in Lesotho.

How to install (the basic) :
- server -HOWTO.html]
- client -HOWTO.html]

see also Kubuntu

This page is mainly devoted to describe the needs for the PC Project in Lesotho (the concrete project run with the collaboration of the Canton of Geneva and particularly the Observatoire technologique. If possible mention other software or applications you know that fullfil the needs.


- tools for management of the users, the web platform, the mail server...
- Modelling tool like 3LGM2 Request is made to be see if a linux version could be available Find here the paprer presented at MIE2005


- Tool for management of the telecentre (wich is a cyber-café or internet café in a post office)

— Telecentres Group in Lesotho : A lot of changes have been suggested here (and not easy !!!),
- specifically to do with the Establishment of a monitoring and payment system in the telecentres, this system should be connected to telephones, via PC, should be able to monitor from the moment a caller picks up the phone (when it gets through to the other side) it should count in Minutes. To affect charges.
- The same with Internet usage. It should count in minutes. It must also allow billing, i.e. should be able to print receipts and reports on actual Internet/telephone usage vs. amount of money made.
- Ideally all other services offered should be put into this management system i.e. photo-copy, etc.

Health Centres

- Data collection for epidemiology (epiinfo developed and distributed freely by CDC is excellent but only run under DOS or Windows
- YES, It sounds that something could start very soon to develop a package in Open Source Open Standard Multi Platform to allow Statistical Analysis in the Field... all information will be given on the following page which reflect only the working name of the future package : LifeStat
- Meanwhile, it is possible to run Epi Info DOS v6.04d /ei6.htm] with a DOS Emulator like DOSEMU
- Look also page UsefulLinks under IT for health for already available open source tools

- Material and pharmaceutical products management

— Health Centers Group in Lesotho
- an inventory management services, ideally a database that keeps tract of items available, prescriptions, clients etc. They have not yet given me details just this.

High Schools

— The Education Group in Lesotho do not foresee any other requirement on it either that it should have the following :
- Word Processing capacities including mail merge,
- drawing capacity-basic charts,
- Importing/exporting functions from other software ie spread sheets, database managements software.
- Internet browser
- Spreadsheets with basic functions
- Database management software
- Draw, photo editing

- see edubuntu

Tertiary Schools

Technical Division

- Ubuntu technical information
- Tools to collect needed informations in the fields and being able to ditribute them...



- 24.08.2005 : The Draft_0 must not be use from now
- 06.09.2005 : The Draft_1 must not be use from now
- 23.09.2005 : The Draft_2 must not be use from now
- 01.11.2005 : Version 1.0 : here
The document can be adapted with your commentaries.

So please let us know what you think about (improvement, don’t agree, idea, software, ...) :

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