mercredi 10 août 2005

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This development team is supervised directly by Arturo Montejo-Ráez.
He is responsible for the final build of LIFE.


- Linux kernel support
- Booting customization and Morphix integration
- Additional software packages integration
- EZ-Desktop
- HD installation support
- Artwork (LIFE logo, wallpapers and so)


About 20 developers among students and professors from the University of Jaén.
For active information exchange, please refer to the dev-ujaen mailing list.

EZ-Desktop and additional software packages integration

— Antonio José Galisteo Cantero
— Jose Maria Dueñas Quesada
— Santiago Andrade Lara
— Alberto Sanchez Fernandez
— Carlos Jiménez Delgado
— David Tello Sánchez
— Julio J. Merelo Casado

Booting customization, Morphix integration and HD installation support

— María Montejo López
— Patricia Moreno Buisson
— Manuel Chica Serrano
— Ricardo Navarro Moral

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