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Project Plan


The Healthgrid Association organise every year with the support of the European Union, CERN and CNRS an international conference dedicated to
The State of Geneva (Switzerland) in association with local public partners (University of Geneva, Medical informatics unit of the University Hospitals of Geneva, Swiss Society of Medical Informatics...), is delighted to welcome the 5th International Conference called Healgrid 2007.

This proposal paper is dealing with all the different point of organisation. This is the main proposal which will be presented to public partners as well as private sponsors.

The content of this paper will deal with

• Duration & proposed locations
• Transportation
• Facilities
• Topics
• Partnership and organisation
• Target
• Communication
• Next steps


APRIL 18 TO 20 2007 AT CERN

Why choosing the CERN ?

• CERN is co-organiser of the conference
• CERN has an “extra-territoriality” status which allows us to be able to get some support from the European Union Commission.
• CERN is the birthplace of the World Wide Web.
• CERN is working on GRID for the future of data management of LHC.
• Finally, CERN should start the LHC in 2007, which will also be a good opportunity for CERN to promote the use of GRID in different areas such as Health domain. This will also give some more visibility to the Healthgrid Conference.


• International Airport of Geneva
• Train stations downtown (Cornavin) and the Airport train Station
• Good train connections with European Cities
• High Speed Train from Paris and Marseille (TGV)
• Geneva City Effective Transportation Network


• Downtown Geneva hotel prices are reasonable level. 2 and 3 stars hotel downtown Geneva will be reserved through the PCO Company.
• French hotels nearby the border which are lower price for low budget participants


(To be completed especially by HealthGrid Association)

Evidence-based medicine requires medical decision making to be based on sound knowledge of the patient combined with peer reviewed scientific evidence, rather than informed guesswork and personal skill.

Research projects in the integration of bio-medical knowledge, advances in imaging, development of new computational tools and the use of these technologies in diagnosis and treatment suggest that Grid-based systems can make a significant contribution to this goal.

The benefits of improved access are raised to a new level, not merely enhanced by integration over a Grid. Since the end of 20th Century, a community of researchers working on Grid and High Performance Computing technologies started discussing the barriers and opportunities that Grid technologies must face and exploit for the development of health-related applications.

The objective of this Conference is to give an overview of what has been concretely done and the perspectives for the future in order to achieve a major challenge to take this technology out of the laboratory to the citizen.

Focus will be given to concrete realisation as well as acute problems raised in research projects.


5.1 Proposed partners

We suggest proposing to the following partners to participate (financially and/or practically) to the seminar.

• European Commission (Brussels) Directorate General of Information Society
• Science and Research Group (CH)
• Swiss regional and local public institutions
• Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
• University of Geneva

5.2 Sponsors

Apart from the proposed partners, a list of business companies will be established and contacted to financially support the Conference. According to the amount proposed they will be offered a space for a booth

5.3 Organisation

Conference committee : composition and role

• Dr Dominique Hausser, Conference Chairman
• One representative from each partner Institution (xxx persons)
• Chairman of the Scientific committee

The main role of the sponsoring committee is to define and follow the strategic line of the organisation for the conference.

2 meetings will be organized before the Conference : one around the Healthgrid 2006 conference, one in November 2006.

Organisation committee : composition and role

• Dr Dominique Hausser, OT-GE, Conference [->CoChair ]
• Dr Manjit Dosanjh, CERN, Conference [->CoChair ]
• XXX, CPO Company
• XXX, Chairman of the Scientific Committee

The main role of the organisation committee is to coordinate, develop the different tasks of organization by following the strategic line of the steering committee.

One meeting each month

Scientific committee, composition and role

• XXX, Chairman

The role of the Scientific committee is to set up the programme of the conference based on invited speakers and selection of papers proposed by research teams and end users of Grid technologies.


6.1 Deciders and authorities (opening ceremony)

• Members of the local, regional national legislative counsils
• Geneva Great Council deputies
• French regional department representative (general councillors of Rhônes Alpes)
• Regional Swiss parliament members
• Regional French deputies
• Members of the different local and regional executive institutions
• Geneva State Council executives
• French regional permanent commission representative (CR - Rhônes-Alpes)

6.2 Health and IT providers

• Each partners lists of address ( to evaluate)


7.1 Information

• Design and edition of an information flyer A4 format in 6 pages.
• Design and production of the web site (run by the Healthgrid Association.

7.2 Program

• Content procedure (Call for Papers)
• Program member activity
• Edition
• Mailing

7.3 Web Site of the Conference, run by the Healthgrid Association.
• Advertising on other institutional partners (...)


This financial objective is to cover all expenses. Sponsors and institutional partners will be financially link. If there will be profit, it will be shared between state of Geneva and Healthgrid Association. The State of Geneva will attribute this amount to a project or an activity related to the Healthgrid.

Break point of the budget should be as low as we can. Free participation for official representatives should be included.


1. Validation of the present document internally (end of May 2005)
2. Submission for approbation to the Healthgrid Association (deadline end of June 2005)
3. Official answers from Institutions in December 2005 - Budget engaged
4. Official answers from Sponsors in December 2005 - Budget engaged
5. Pre-Communication of the conference (March 2006) - posters and flyers
6. Announcement in Conference in March 2006 - Healthgrid 2006
7. Call for Paper organisation and logistics organisation


This budget includes all costs even if the cost will be cover in nature (for instance the cost of the Conference rooms will be offered by CERN, Canton of Geneva may cover the mailings or providing needed equipment… Sponsors may want to support one specific activity…).

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